Women gathering in community with other believers for intentional conversation and relationship building while strengthening their relationship with Christ.

We are excited to offer a new, more intentional gathering opportunity for ladies here at FBC called FBC Tables. This gathering started April 1 and is now closed. We will offer another opportunity with a 6 month commitment starting October 1. All ladies that sign up will be gathered with 6 ladies for 6 months. The idea is to meet once a month. You will have 4 guided questions to answer together around your tables. If you are familiar with the IF Gathering model, this follows that model. It is meant to be intentional conversation around a table with 6 women that you can share life with and deepen your relationship with Christ. 

To sign up, click here, or you can call the church office or email office@fbcharrisburg.com. 

**We hope to start another round in the Spring 2022**