• We want FBC to be a place where people ENCOUNTER God and God encounters them.
  • Once individuals have encountered God and their lives have been changed, we want to see them EMBED in a small group. Embed is defined as “to set or fix firmly in a surrounding mass.”
  • We want to EQUIP disciples of Christ for ministry. They should be going deep and preparing to serve the King in His Kingdom.
  • We want to see people move from being consumers of ministry to contributors of ministry. There must be people willing and ready to ENGAGE in ministry
  • Encounter, Embed, Equip, Engage. It's a process and we should always be moving.

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We are a Southern Baptist Church located in the Southeastern Illinois town of Harrisburg. Our church has ministries for people of all ages, covering a wide variety of interests and needs. Come join us this Sunday for a time of worship and fellowship!

Harrisburg First Baptist Church (organized in 1868) is associated with the Saline Baptist Association, the Illinois Baptist State Association, and the Southern Baptist Convention. The church facility is located in downtown Harrisburg, Illinois, near the Saline County Courthouse, among many businesses and social service agencies. 


The official Statement of Faith for First Baptist Church of Harrisburg is the Baptist Faith and Message (2000).  Click Here to read the entire document.